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Content Burger Review

This Brand New Software Turns Your Into A Content Master By Helping You To Generate Cash Sucking Content

  1. Author : Ashwin
  2. |
  3. Updated On: 04 May 2020
Content Burger Review

Creating content for your website is a lengthy and time-consuming process. And as we all know there are already competitors who are or have written on the same topic. 

I always wanted software that will minimize my efforts and helps me in creating unique content for my blogs and other social media platform that will rank in all aspects. 

And I found Content Burger exactly as per my expectations!

Regardless of where you want to publish the content or in what business you are, you can be a content master and create quality content in less than 30 minutes.

This Content Burger Software is useful for all those who are

  • Content Publisher
  • Expanding Personal Brand or of Companies
  • Agency for Profit or Non-Profit
  • Startup Seeking Success
  • Coach
  • Product Creator
  • An Affiliate

Content Burger helps you in creating engaging content that will lead to the traffic of readers and consequently buyers.

=> To make a position in an online business, content is an essential thing, whether it is in the form of text, images, or videos. Content Burger gives you a single platform to create all these in amazing ways.

=> From researching a topic to write an article seamlessly, search a perfect image to edit an image that you can use in your content or post on social media, Content Burger has all in it.

=> Content Burger not only helps you in searching the keywords or images but keeps track of all sources also.

=> It is a platform that allows you to use various tools that makes your content eye-catching and engaging. 

=> After, you can publish the created content separately on different social media platforms and can schedule them also.

=> Content Burger is a number one software that brings various tools which are needed in the creation of content that makes the process easier at one platform. 

=> And what is more amazing is you can manage all the tasks and track records in one seamless dashboard. So you do not need to handle different accounts.

When you are getting these many tools and content marketing strategies at one place you might be thinking that it would be very costly. But that's not reality. Content Burger Software is absolutely in your budget and doesn't hit your pocket at all. And you can automate your content marketing with ease with Content Burger.

I'm really very satisfied with the features that Content Burger included.

  • It offers 3 different composers for a blog post, social media, and the image designer.
  • I'm able to post my Wordpress site or medium profile in Content Burger just by connecting my account.
  • And content discovery action gives access to Articles, Videos, Images, GIFs, and Quotes.
  • Then, I can drag and drop any element that I want to add.
  • Content Burger let me added multiple social media account in it so I could publish the created content easily.
  • Content Planner to schedule the post across the multiple channels.
  • Repurposing the content in different channels in unique ways.
  • Moreover, powerful filters, hashtag saver, link shortening, call to action widgets, content marketing campaigns, keyword and domain filters, and lots of more features than I have explained here.

With thee powerful features Content Burger is an absolutely amazing software that make you a content master with or without prior skills.

I found it a perfect package for all my content marketing needs and will surely recommend everyone to try it once. It's just amazing!


Content Burger
Guarantee:30 Days Money Back Guarantee

ContentBurger Creates and Syndicates For You Or Your Clients In 4 Simple Steps

Step #1: Pick Or Search a Topic

Pick Or Search a Topic

Step #2: Select Accounts


Step #3: Customize


Step #4: Publish & Automate

All things being equal, the more great content you have floating on the internet, the more chances you have of:




FEATURE #1: The Easy To Use Dashboard


FEATURE #2: The Content Burger Fast Start Wizard


FEATURE #3: Stay Organized With Workspaces


FEATURE #4: 3 Different Content Composers To Help You Create Engaging Content Fast


FEATURE #5: Content Discovery At Your Fingertips


FEATURE #6: Post to WordPress, Medium and Tumblr Easily


FEATURE #7: Got An Idea? Save As A Draft For Later…


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